Our History
Little River Baptist Church is the third oldest church in Louisa County, Virginia and will celebrate its 226th anniversary in July, 2017. George Washington was president and Virginia became a state just three years earlier when Little River was constituted in 1791. The Lord has touched many lives through the ministry of this small country church over the past 226 years. Descendants of the original members still attend and continue to hold leadership roles in the church. Newer members have stated that even on their first visit to the church, they felt like they were with family.
The church was organized  by Rev. John Waller of Spotsylvania County.  Rev. Waller was well known in Baptist history for being one of the first Baptist preachers arrested and convicted of the charge of preaching without a license, as well as the Baptist preacher most often jailed for this crime. He refused to abide by the Virginia statute which forbid preaching in the colony by anyone except ministers of the Established Church, the Church of England. Rev. John Waller is regarded today as an historic figure in the fight for religious freedom in this country.
The first meeting house used by the congregation was a wooden frame structure located at its present site. The acre of land was purchased from David Bullock for the sum of six shillings by deed dated September 29, 1803. In 1855 the adjoining acre of land was purchased from Edmund Swift for twenty dollars. On this acre of land, the present brick sanctuary was constructed. The church was dedicated on July 15, 1855.
The Lord has sent many faithful and gifted pastors to serve Little River. Since 1791 thirty-two (32) have served. From the beginning, Little River’s pastors preached “in the field” serving several churches and alternating Sunday services. The church continued to share a pastor with at least two other churches until 1947. In 1948 the church voted unanimously to call for a full-time pastor. Rev. Leslie Newman accepted the call and began his ministry on February 15, 1948 as Little River’s first full-time pastor.
Dr. Tim Chrisman is the current pastor. Tim, his wife Keri, and daughters Kaylee and Emily, moved to Bumpass in 2009 when he accepted the call to serve Little River Baptist Church.
Little River Baptist Church has a continuing desire to minister and reach out to the community. God has given us the privilege to participate in church planting and evangelism here and abroad. As the congregation continues to serve the community, our greatest desire is to lead unbelievers to faith in Christ and for believers to live totally surrendered to the Holy Spirit.