The Bible tells us that each person has a unique gift to share.

Where can God use your talents?



Little River is a multi-generational congregation. We seek to honor and respect the worship preferences of each generation as we give praise to our Lord and Savior. Sunday worship is traditional and careful consideration is given to provide music that connects with each group reflected in the congregation.


Little River is committed to responding to the social and spiritual needs of youth in our church and community. Our vision is to enable youth to understand and recognize who Jesus is and to live for Him. Whether you have gone to church your whole life or are taking your first steps to Christianity, you will find that you are welcome here. 



Little River is committed to leading children to grow in Christ. Each teacher follows an age-appropriate curriculum. We offer children’s activities that are interesting, focused on loving God, and serving the needs of others. Our team considers it an honor to serve the children in our community.





Little River technical team supports our Sunday  worship services and special  programs “behind the scenes”. The team supports the services with audio, media, and video. Through the avenue of media and technology some of the areas that God could use your talents could include anything from recording audio/video messages, assisting with special video projects, or website editing.


Little River supports missionaries and their efforts to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world. We support efforts in Mexico and Montreal, Quebec. Not only are we working beyond the borders of the United States, but within them as well. Most recently Little River provided money and people to help in the restoration efforts after a tornado devastated the Tappahannock community.  

foodbankiconFOOD PANTRY

Little River helps individuals and families when financial struggles have left them in an emergency situation. The food pantry ministry provides food to individuals in our surrounding neighborhoods to help bridge a gap that can occur during difficult times.